The Liberal Democrats are ambitious about transforming the UK, starting with stopping Brexit. We need a Party President capable of transforming our party so that we can deliver on this ambition, build on our recent successes and become a consistently winning force on a scale greater than ever before.

Mark Pack has the strategy to help us win.

  1. Mark was one of the creators of the core-vote strategy that has been at the heart of the party’s revival.
  2. Mark helps Liberal Democrats win – he’s been doing this for years and knows what it takes. He’s literally written the book on it.
  3. Mark has in-depth experience of how the party works. So he can turn ideas into reality.

If elected, his priorities would be to:

  • Unlock the huge grassroots campaign potential in our hundreds of thousands of members and supporters with the right tools, systems and support;
  • Embrace the power of technology, making us the best digital campaigners in the country;
  • Make the party one that is truly open to all and making the best of our talents by addressing our shortcomings on diversity and inclusion;
  • Ensure the voice of the grassroots is always heard and respected when key decisions are made at the centre; and
  • Put the party’s finances on a sustainable long-term basis, including investing more in growing and mobilising our member base.

If you support Mark’s aims and would like to join his campaign team to become the next President of the Liberal Democrats, welcome aboard. Please sign up below – we look forward to working with you.

Help Mark’s campaign to win

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